Tasneef classified First LNG Tug in Middle East Region


Tasneef has successfully completed plan approvals and construction supervision for the new LNG Tug which is constructed by Dubai Dry Docks on latest design & is also first in Middle East region with dual fuel engine system. Tasneef Class Certificate has been issued for the Tug for its operation in Dubai Dry dock.

The background of this development lays in the ‘green’ initiative launched by the Dubai government. This is intended to set an example for promoting environmental sustainability throughout the region.

In alignment with the same initiative, in May 2014 Drydocks World announced the launch of the project. The target was to put into practice the Dubai Government’s wish and develop the marine market in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) accordingly.

LNG Tugs are identified as the most promising for being the first capable of operating with a drastically reduced environmental footprint. The milestone represents, therefore, not only a technical and environmental achievement, but it opens new opportunities for different applications to be developed in the area.

The vicious circle commonly related to the lack of an available LNG fuel supply slowing developments in LNG-powered vessels, and vice versa, has thus been dissolved by this first LNG Tug launched into operation. It is now more likely that other vessel types will be designed to operate on LNG in the Arabian Gulf.

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