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    • GCC Ships
    • Yacht Code
  • International
    • SOLAS
    • ILL
    • MARPOL
    • IAFS
    • MLC
    • ISM/ISPS
    • Etc…

  • Material
    • Test of rolled steel plates for hull
    • Test of plates for boilers
    • Test of section and bars
    • Test of welded beams
    • Test of castings and forgings
    • Test of pipes and tubes
    • Test of iron castings
    • Test of brass, bronze and similar
    • Test of aluminum alloys
    • Test of glass reinforced plastic
    • Test of additional material
  • Welding
    • WPAR certification
    • Decl. Rules EN (series 287, 9606, 1418)
    • Decl. Rules AWS, ASME, API
    • Approval of welding consumable
  • Engines & components; valves
    • Test of diesel engines
    • Test of steam, gas, propulsion or aux turbines
    • Test of half-finished or rough machined pieces
    • Test of finished pieces of machinery and tightness test
    • Test of crankshaft: serial production
    • Test of crankshaft: non-serial production
    • Test of cylinders block
    • Test of cylinders liners
    • Test of exhaust valve housings
    • Test of turbochargers
    • Test of connecting rods , crossheads
    • Test of cylinders heads
    • Test of fuel injection pumps and valves
    • Test of flanges
    • Test of valves (any application)
    • Test of flexible pipes
    • Test of separator units. Fuel oil boosting units
    • Test for EIAPP certificate issue (NOX)
  • Shafts, redactors, gears, axial
    • Test of propeller shaft
    • Test of reverse and reduction gears
    • Test of shaft liners and shaft lines
    • Test of bearings for propeller shaft
    • Test of sterntube seals
    • Test of sterntube bush
    • Test of ducted propellers nozzles
    • Test of fixed pitch propellers
    • Test of controlled pitch propellers
  • Rudder, steering gears, chains
    • Test of rudders
    • Test of steering gears
    • Test of anchor winch/chain stoppers
    • Test of anchors
    • Test of mooring or towing chains and ropes
    • Test of accessories for anchors and chains
    • Test of capstans/winches/windlasses
  • Boilers, pressure vessels, pumps
    • Test of boilers
    • Test of pressure vessel in general
    • Test of bottles
    • Containers of extinguishers
    • Fee for routine test
    • Test of air compressors
    • Test of pressurized water tanks
    • Test of pumps
    • Test of filters
    • Test of fuel oil and lubricating oil purifiers
    • Test of simplified testing procedure for ref.compressor
  • Electrical equipment
    • Test of electrical cables
    • Test of electric generators, propulsion motors
    • Test of reactances, transformers
    • Test of switchboards
    • Test of section boards
    • Test of circuit breakers
    • Test of manual switches
    • Test of starters, rheostats
  • Hull components
    • Test of non-fire resistant windows, portholes, side scuttles
    • Test of pressure/vacuum valves
    • Test of watertight door
  • Lifting Appliances
    • Test of cranes
    • Test of loose gear for lifting appliance
    • Test of steel wire or fibre ropes
  • Hydraulic testing
    • Test of hydraulic engines and pumps for hydraulic system
    • Test of hydraulic cylinders
    • Test of hydraulic testing
    • Test of hydraulic power packs
  • Other Testing

  • Marine Training Services
  • Naval Training Services
  • Operators Training
  • Other Training Services

  • Marine Advisory Services
  • Naval Advisory Services

  • Service suppliers NDT
  • Service suppliers Radio Equipment
  • Service suppliers Underwater Survey
  • UTM
  • VDR
  • LSA
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Service suppliers and Others

UAE Yacht Code

The safety level of private non-commercial yachts in accordance with the UAE Yacht Regulations is to be equivalent or better than existing regulations for other vessels carrying the same number of persons onboard taking into account the size of the yacht and its area of operation.

The UAE Yacht Regulations have been developed based on the principles of defining overall purpose and functional requirements for the safety segments covered by these Regulations. The purpose and functional requirements are verified either by compliance with prescriptive requirements, analysis, demonstration or risk assessment.

The objective of verification by Risk Assessment is to show that the risks associated with a novel / alternative design, equipment, system or operations isequivalent or lower to that of a similar yacht which complies with the prescriptiverequirements of these Regulations.

Escape, evacuation and rescue emergency procedures shall enable assignedcrew members to perform their assigned escape, evacuation and rescue taskseffectively.

The yacht’s security operation shall at least comprise the following task like Ensuring the performance of all yacht security duties, controlling access to the yacht,Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects, monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorized persons have access and monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the yacht.

Equipping and preparation of survival craft and other escape, Evacuation and rescue equipment, Mustering those persons that need to be mustered and Use of communication equipment.

Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF is the first certified national classification society. TASNEEF& its subsidiaries promotes the security & safety of life & property; protects & preserve the natural environment in our vital Industries, Maritime and Certification Domain.

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